Tips om met linnen te breien of te haken

Tips to knit or crochet with linen yarns

Knitting with linen may seem challenging to some, but it doesn't have to be! Linen has a different structure than wool which makes it less elastic and hence, it knits differently. However, if we keep a few things in mind, knitting with linen can be just as enjoyable as knitting with wool. Linen garments are light, cool, and have a supple drape that only improves with time. Plus, you can wash them in a washing machine!


1. Wind up manually

 Linen can feel tough, but manually winding the yarn can make it easier to knit with.


2. Knit from the outside

Avoid using center-pulling yarn with linen as it can easily become tangled.


3. Knit with wooden/bamboo needles

Linen has a smooth texture but can slip off needles, especially metal ones. To regain control, use wooden or bamboo needles.


4. Drop your perfectionism

When knitting with linen, you may notice that the stitches don't have the same uniformity as when knitting with wool. However, it's important to continue knitting as you normally would and not try to adjust your technique. Trust that any irregularities will be corrected during the washing and blocking process.


5. Swatch 

Linnen should be swatched, washed, and blocked before knitting, as it can change after washing and blocking. This will help even out uneven stitches and adjust the gauge.


 6. Attach a new thread differently 

Attach a new thread by knitting a couple of stitches with both the old and new yarn. Use duplicate stitch to weave in the ends.


Do you know other tips? Will you give linen a chance?


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