About me

A woman who spent hours crocheting octopuses for premature babies in a Spanish hospital. This is how the story behind Wol uit het Zuiden begins, my story. My father was ill at the time and every time we went to visit him she would sit there quietly crocheting while visiting her husband. When my father passed away a few months later during the pandemic, my friend suggested I get a hobby, but what? I thought of the woman in the hospital who radiated so much peace while crocheting and thought, why not? That's one of the best decisions I've ever made. I owe so much to crocheting and knitting. My hobby helped me a lot during the grieving process for my father, it made the pandemic a lot more bearable and, last but not least, I met so many beautiful people through it and made very nice friendships.

We moved back to the Netherlands in September 2022, after I had lived in Portugal for 17 years. I missed the wool that I had learned to knit with and that was so familiar to me. In the meantime, I noticed that I was busy with my hobby every day. When I had been to a knitting fair in Seville and had most enjoyed helping friends who had a stand, I knew I wanted to do something more with it and that is how Wol uit het Zuiden was born.

I would like to show you that Portugal and Spain have incredibly beautiful yarn to offer and hope to pass on a little of what crocheting and knitting has given me.

Wol uit het Zuidenis me, Antoñita, but also my friend Paul, without whose support this would never have been possible and who also gave me the idea, my daughter Salomé, who is happy to help with booking the new stock and making stitch markers. Wol uit het Zuiden are also my knitting friends and all the other people who make this hobby such a wonderful hobby. And Wol uit het Zuiden is you!

Even though I don't have a physical store (who knows in the future), I do want to offer the service you expect from a brick-and-mortar store. Do you have questions, are you unsure about something, or can't you find something? Please call or email, I will do my best to help you!



Eindhoven, September 2023