Pattern suggestions

Below is a list of suggested patterns that can be made with the yarns you find in the store. You will also find these suggestions on the product pages of the different yarns. I will regularly add to this list with new suggestions.

Click on the name and you will be redirected to the pattern. You can buy the patterns via the designer's site. There are also a number of patterns that are offered for free.

Link Designer
A Sentimiento Chal Soraya García Terra knitting
Afonso Filipa Carneiro Terra knitting
Alegria Ângela Quaresma Alvor knitting
Alentejana Filipa Carneiro Romaria Piopardo breien
Alfama Filipa Carneiro Alfama breien
Arraial Filipa Carneiro Madragoa knitting
Baby Sweater Luisa Ló Bio Love knitting
Bailarico Filipa Carneiro Bio Love knitting
Balada Filipa Carneiro Balada knitting
Beagle Cowl Beagleknits Autóctona knitting
Beija-Flor Filipa Carneiro Beija-Flor breien
Belmonte Filipa Carneiro Belmonte knitting
Birkin Caitlin Hunter Douro knitting
Bonjour Socks Yarnitas Yarnitas Organic Sock breien
Boreal Ana Isabel Ramos Aurora Balada knitting
Bosque Filipa Carneiro Romaria breien
Brisa Shawl Maria G Knits Bio Love knitting
Camomila Filipa Carneiro Alvor(Print) breien
Colete Feto Ângela Quaresma Douro breien
Cordel Filipa Carneiro Alvor knitting
Dahlia Rebeca Marin Alfama haken
Diamantes Filipa Carneiro Iaque knitting
Ella Filipa Carneiro Cânhamo Tweed knitting
Fadista Filia Carneiro Caravela knitting
Gascogne Scarf Solène Le Roux Autóctona knitting
Geada Filipa Carneiro Bio-Wool knitting
Gisela Filipa Carneiro Aurora knitting
Groselha Filipa Carneiro Alvor (Print) breien
Hibisco Filipa Carneiro Alfama breien
Xailenço Madragoa Ângela Quaresma Madragoa knitting
Isona Lucía Ruiz de Aguirre Sorrosal knitting
Júlia Vest Maria G Knits Madrilana knitting
Kimono Luísa Ló Douro Aurora knitting
Lima Filipa Carneiro Re-Use breien
Maré Filipa Carneiro Madragoa knitting
Melodia knitting Odemira breien
Ngai Cardigan Lúcia Ruiz de Aguirre Rústica knitting
Onay Lucía Ruiz de Aguirre Bio-Wool knitting
Memórias Sjaal Marta Ovelha Bio Love crochet
Poppy Baby Playsuit Sandra Magalhães For Nature knitting
Pórtico Filipa Carneiro Alvor knitting
Renda Filipa Carneiro Alfama Aurora breien
Rosal Filipa Carneiro Bio Love crochet
Snow Crocus Midori Hirose Autóctona knitting
Spring berries sweater Romi- Dame La Lata Madrilana knitting
Tartessos Beagle Knits Madrilana knitting
Terra Cowl Maria G Knits Terra knitting
Tropical bird Lemon Yarn Creations For Nature crochet
Utopia Elena Solier Jansà Pastoreta breien
Waffle Sundays Socks Yarnitas Yarnitas Organic Sock breien