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Elena Solier Jansà is the woman behind Xolla. If you like knitting, she will not be a stranger to you, as her patterns are featured in many publications of Pom Pom and Laine, Not only are her patterns beautiful, but her wool is also and has a story to tell. 

Elena lives in Cataluña, in the North-East of Spain, and aims to contribute to the preservation of the Catalan wool heritage. She works with the Ripollesa sheep, a local breed, threatened with extinction. The entire process of wool processing, except for the washing, happens in Cataluña, through little family companies, making it a transparent and traceable process. 

All wool is mulesing-free, non-superwash, and silicone-free. All dyebaths are Oeko tex standard 100 certified. Her love for nature and her environment is everywhere, also is the name of her company and her products. Xolla is the Catalan word for the sheering of the sheep. 

En la era del consumo, la artesanía es un acto de rebeldía.  Teje local, teje rústico, teje rural: teje mejor. 

Against mass production, craftivism is an act of rebellion. Knit local, knit rustic, knit rural: knit better.

Xolla Wool

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