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Meet Ester and Javier, the founders of dLana, a family company dedicated to reducing their ecological footprint and promoting respect for the environment, animals, and people. For over ten years, they have been on a journey to achieve this goal. It all started with making their own clothes, and soon they found themselves drawn to the world of wool. They fell in love with the history, the beautiful landscapes, the people, and most of all, the sheep. dLana uses natural, untreated, mulesing-free merino wool to promote a worthy existence for everyone in the wool industry and maintain a long tradition. The wool only undergoes an Oeko-Tex-certified dyebath, ensuring that no harmful chemicals touch our skin. They also offer undyed yarn for those who prefer it. As their slogan "Somos lo que tejemos - We are what we make" suggests, dLana is committed to staying true to themselves and the environment.

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