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dLana Autóctona

dLana Autóctona

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dLana Autóctona consists of 100% natural Spanish Merino wool. This soft wool is undyed and untreated and comes from migratory and extensive livestock farming which is not only good for animal welfare, but also has a very positive impact on the environment, the increase of the rural population and the preservation of cultural traditions.

Natural, untreated mulesing-free wool.

Available in 5 colours , including two basic colours: white and brown. The brown wool comes from black merino sheep, an endangered breed. The 3 intermediate colors are achieved by mixing the white and brown wool together, without coloring the wool.

Material: 100% Spanish merino

Category: 3 - DK

Length: 125 m.

Weight: 50 gr. (1.75oz)

Needle/Hook: 3.5 - 5mm.

Care: hand wash with cold water (<30º) ~ dry horizontally

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