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Xolla Wool

Xolla Pastoreta

Xolla Pastoreta

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Xolla Pastoreta is a fingering weight wool sourced entirely from the endangered Ripollesa breed from Cataluña, northeastern Spain.

Natural, untreated mulesing-free wool. The dye bath is Oeko-Tex certified.

It is very important to make a swatch and wash it, because the yarn becomes softer after washing and the knitting tension can change.

Very suitable for colourwork, but also for lace, cables, sweaters and scarves.

Available in 20 colours.

Pastoreta means shepherdess.

Material: 100% wool

Category: 1 - Fingering

Gauge: 28(10 x 10 cm / 4" x 4")

Length: 200 m. (218 yds)

Weight: 50 gr. (1.75oz)

Needle/Hook: 3-4mm (USA 2.5 - 6)

Care: hand wash with cold water (< 30º) ~ dry horizontally

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