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Chiaogoo Twist Lace Shorties Set Red 5+8 cm 2.00-3.25mm

Chiaogoo Twist Lace Shorties Set Red 5+8 cm 2.00-3.25mm

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The ChiaoGoo TWIST Lace Shorties sets are the ideal interchangeable circular knitting needle sets for small diameter projects such as socks, mittens, hats or baby clothes.

The stainless steel knitting needles of 5 cm and 8 cm long can be combined with the short cables in various ways to create circular knitting needles with a length of 23-36 cm; including circular knitting needles where one knitting point is shorter than the other.

The same quality of the other Chiaogoo needles but in a smaller version!

This red set contains:

  • 24 needle points (12 x 5cm + 12 x 8 cm) in different sizes: 2.00 mm, 2.25 mm, 2.50 mm, 2.75 mm, 3.00 mm and 3.25 mm.
  • 3 x cables of 13 cm, 15 cm and 20 cm.
  • 2 x end stops
  • 2 x cable connectors
  • 4 x cable wrenches
  • stitch markers
  • needle gauge
  • 1 x red needle case

Also available in other sizes: Blue set: 3.5-5 mm and Yellow set: 5.5-8 mm.

For: knitting

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