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Chiaogoo Twist Red cable Small

Chiaogoo Twist Red cable Small

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The best cables for Chiaogoo interchangeable needle tips! The flexible red nylon-coated steel cable consists of multiple steel wires, which prevents twisting. Easy to attach to the needle tip by screwing the tip on and tightening it with the cable wrench.

With a connector you can make one long cable from multiple cables, so that you always have the right length.

Small is suitable for needles from 2.75 - 5.00 mm. With an adapter , L needles (5.50 - 10 mm) can also be attached to these cables.

Available in 5 lengths :

  • 35 cm.
  • 55 cm.
  • 75 cm.
  • 93 cm.
  • 125 cm.

For: knitting

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