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Scheepjes Sock Ruler

Scheepjes Sock Ruler

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The wooden Scheepjes sock ruler is an indispensable tool when knitting socks. You can use it to easily check the measurements of your socks while knitting, by inserting the ruler into your knitting work. It will tell you when to start with your toe or heel.

The ruler shows the foot length of the sock for shoe sizes 30 up to 47. One side of the ruler has indications in centimetres and European shoe sizes on one side, and inches and UK and US shoe sizes indications on the other.

In the middle, there is a 30cm/12in-long cutout, handy for measuring your knitting or gauge.

The sock ruler has a built-in knitting needle gauge for sizes 2.00mm to 4.00mm. 

For: knitting and crochet

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