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Hibisco Kit - Patroon + garen

Hibisco Kit - Patroon + garen

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Rosários 4 Alfama (colour)

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Filipa Carneiro's Hibisco is a beautiful and linnen sweater that will suit many seasons and occasions.. Choose your size and colour and you will receive everything you need:

  • Enough yarn for the chosen size
  • Digital pattern
  • Printed pattern



The sweater is knit topdown and is seamless. We start with the back and knit until we reach the armholes. Then we knit the fronts  individually by picking up stitches from the back and we will shape the neckline by making increases. When both fronts are knitted until the armholes we join all parts and continue knitting in the round. The sleeves are knitted in the round after picking up stitches at the armholes. 

Choose your size:

    Add 22 centimeters to your circumference and pick your size below. If your number is in between two sizes, then pick the larger one if you like roomy clothing and the smaller one if you like your garments more fitted. 

    Measurements of knitted sweater:

    1. 100 cm
    2. 110 cm
    3. 120 cm
    4. 130 cm
    5. 140 cm
    6. 150 cm

    The designer recommends circular knitting needles in the sizes 2.5 and 3 mm. Adjust to the correct size to achieve the recommended gauge. 

    Knitting needles are not included. 

    The pattern is in English. 

    Click  here for tips on knitting with linen. 

    Materiaal: 100 % linen

    Categorie: knitting

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